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Describing Exo Stans by their Biases

  1. Xiumin: Sweet, quiet, mature stans, who also have a sexy side
  2. Luhan: 1/2 of these stans are quiet and sweet; the other 1/2 half is pretty damn horny
  3. Kris: Bad ass bitches to the bone, don't take nobody's shit
  5. Suho: Smarty-pants, but also quirky and dorky
  6. Chen: Sweetie pies, but also have an awesome sense of humor
  7. Baekhyun: Extremely outgoing, extremely talkative, very emotional, dorky stans
  8. Chanyeol: As happy and sweet and dumb as Chanyeol. Very accepting of all kinds of people
  9. D.O: Very sweet and kind, very selfless; also super horny for D.O
  10. Tao: MOST HILARIOUS FANS; love to troll Tao and other exo-ls, super friendly and open-minded
  11. Kai: Kind, warmhearted; also horny as fuuuuuckk
  12. Sehun: HORNY; many noona fans
chanyeol for the celebrity [ page 5 ], november 2014 issue 
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